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Post by Guest,

2189287597 Spanish telemarketing

Post by Cayas,

218-928-7597 Someone left a VM at home to call them back on this phone number not leaving a name and or a compagny name -

Post by HARRY,

2189287597 I am receiving  harrasing calls from this no they are asking me to pay over the phone - -its a SCAM

Post by Guest,

218-928-7597 scam

Post by Guest,

2189287597 lame

Post by sandy,

218-928-7597 Kids playing

Post by Guest,

2189287597 he says he lives in canada that this is a cell phone,,he contacts you on fb,he looks for woman,he will call you be very nice etc,then within few days he talks about getting married etc after knowing you just few days lol,he has a woman with him that he says is his daughter lina and he has someone saying he is his brother etc,,they con artist he will say he wants to give you money etc,he starts asking if you have paypal and if you dont give him that he will say cc is easiest to add monwy,ladies he is con artist he just wants to drain your bank account his name probably even isnt mark kent its something else -i caught onto his scam to get money from woman,whats the funny part he will say he owns a refinery in the uk will even send you some copy of a fake document ,tel you he is going to get millions from this,,ladies ask yourself a question if he is really a millionaire why does he need your money lol ,he does have a fench accent and immediately his so called daughter will want your number call you mom to try to con you,then she will ask you for money -if her dad is a millionaire she wouldnt be asking a total stranger for money,they are bogus just dont fall for anyone calling from this number could be a different name but its still a conartist

Post by Guest,

218-928-7597 Unknown name has also at the end of phone number -

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