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Recent Comments for 2187242094

Post by Pam,

2187242094 Perfect - thank you very much - worked  No more unwanted calls -

Post by meem,

218-724-2094 The calls keep coming in and of course hanging up -  I called them back only to get a voice message uuugggh -  So then I called that guy Mark Swanson today and told him he better take me off his list and that I'm on the do not call list - We shall see - -

Post by Pandi Andi,

2187242094 I have received several phone calls from this number asking about our DOT safety - I have asked several times to be removed from your calling  data base - The next time that I receive a phone call from you - - - I will call my attorney - I am on a DO NOT CALL registry - I do not give my cell phone number to random telemarketers and say call me all the time and try to sell me crap that I don't want  If I give my number to a particular company, it's because I am doing business with THEM - - - not a telemarketing company years from now - DO NOT CALL means just that DO NOT CALL

Post by not deceived by you,

218-724-2094 Most people do NOT You must be from the company calling -

Post by bethany,

2187242094 they called my cell phone, have no clue who they are or what they wanted - left no message, & i'm on the no call list - lot of good that did -

Post by angela,

218-724-2094 Someone took the call for me and said it was someone from the Minnesota D -O -T - As soon as I said Hello they hung up - Caller I'd said "Minnesota"

Post by An informed citzen (again),

2187242094 Actually that IS illegal - And won't be done by reputable telemarketing agencies - -

Post by Laurie,

218-724-2094 I finally picked up and it was a guy calling for AllState b c I, too, purposely let my renewal run out - I told the guy I wasn't renewing and that was it - but now they are calling again STOP

Post by bcindyfree,

2187242094 will calling that extension work if I call from my cell phone? This number has been calling my landline but I do not have long distance on my landline - If I can put in my landline phone when I call from the cell phone will it give me the option to put in a different number? Or, do I somehow have to call from the landline (which I can't) - Thanks for your help - Have a great day

Post by also removed from list,

218-724-2094 Was a Wall Street Journal subscriber who purposely let subscription lapse - Missed the call from this number, but I called back and connected to Ext - The man who answered said he’d remove me from the list - Just gave him the phone number, no other questions asked -

Post by the bill of law,

2187242094 Don't tread on me, I did'nt call you, so you don't call me,take me off your list mister -

Post by Guest,

218-724-2094 None

Post by francisco.Sr,

2187242094 No Message Left

Post by Current tellemarketer,

218-724-2094 LOL that sounds hillarious, i would laugh my a** off if some one did that to me, you truly would have made my day if you did that to me -

Post by Roger TC,

2187242094 The number keeps calling, seems to me there a bunch of cowards, wont leave a message, or answer when you answer the phone - I dont deal easy with cowardly crap like they are,

Post by Joel,

218-724-2094 they asked if I owned a business and if I was the one that made the OSHA Decisions -  I said I have no business - Please stop calling -

Post by your average idiot,

2187242094 omg, some telemarketer keeps calling me from here, i think i will just let it ring because i am an idiot and cant man up and answer the phone - why would they be calling? mabe its because i gave them my number - i guess i will never know because im such a [***]

Post by Guest,

218-724-2094 Obama owns this company, they both suck

Post by annoyed,

2187242094 i pick up and hang up right away since they've been callign me every day -i called the number back and connected to ext like other callers and the "quality assurance" guy took me off the list -  hopefully it works -

Post by Mr Telemarketer,

218-724-2094 Things have changed since the s -  Telemarketers are not allowed to leave messages, did you really want to come home to review - Voice mails a day that would be left for everybody that has a phone -  If you don't want calls when you speak with them request to be put on do not call list -  Legitimate firms will do this

Post by Christina Yoder,

2187242094 I get approximately calls usually within minutes apart - per day from this number while I am away at work -  Can someone make them stop calling, or is there a way to get "off" whatever list this service is calling from?

Post by sales,

218-724-2094 you have to answer and say do not call and wait for we will put your # on our do not call list it may take up to days to process -then we wont call ever again

Post by Hana,

2187242094 I just blow my rape whistle in the phone when telemarketers call - Once they get sick of their eardrums hurting, they stop calling -

Post by ginnymae,

218-724-2094 They have called times in the last days -  They don't say anything or leave a message -

Post by Employee,

2187242094 Make sure you understand the laws that govern the DNC list - Putting your name on the DNC list only stops "cold-calls" meaning calls in which you have no business relationship with the company - Federal law allows telemarketing companies to call customers who have had a business relationship with a company for upto MONTHS AFTER - That means if you cancel a service, they can still call you a year and a half later; even if you are on the DNC list - Also telemarketers are still allowed to call if you make an inquiry on a service - AS for leaving messages; now that is against the law Before you make invalid arguments; using what you may think is logic; learn to research - Ignorance is not an excuseIf you want my personal number so you may call me when you please and "harrass" me; you are simply doing what you are preaching against - When stupid telemarketers call me; I give them a hard time - When someone with a brain calls me; I give them a couple moments of my day and if I don't want their service or product I kindly ask them to not call again - It's simple - HOw about this; I'll give you my number if you agree to come and work at a telemarketing firm and have to deal with your kind - - -

Post by Jennifer lee,

218-724-2094 Do not call

Post by Dave,

2187242094 They kept calling twice a day -  I never picked up, my wife did -  Got a renewal deal on the WSJ for , as opposed to the WSJ wanted to charge me originally -  Well worth picking up the phone -  I'll see if they continue to call -  I did have a previous subscription to WSJ, so they did not violate the DNC list -

Post by Guest,

218-724-2094 Jj Keller & associates don't call me

Post by Trish,

2187242094 That's funny, because I just got a call from Tele Resources (--) and there was no one on the line when I answered, just silence for about seconds and then the line hung up - So I DO NOT believe a word that you write about not wanting to miss a call or your reasons for not leaving messages - Your company actually has to be on the line when they call in order for me to tell you DO NOT CALL and put me on the do not call list - I got an idea: How about you just don't call anybody in the first place and then we don't have to waste our breath telling you not to call AND CERTAINLY don't waste my time to pick up your call when no one is on the other end - -Please and Thank You

Post by wWebbyflower,

218-724-2094 Hi Bcindyfree,Same here, let the towing policy lapse and now keep getting calls -I just called the number and he asked for the number to take off the list, he didn't just take the number I was calling from - So I presume you can call off your cell and give him you landline number and they will do it -Was a nice guy too, no attitude -Hope that helps -

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