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Post by Lady Owl,

2185373977 "Michael Anderson" from "Winners International" calls to say we have won 3.5 million$$ due to something we submitted in Nov 2011.  Leaves two phone number 209-201-0325--which is Mercedes California and 876-883-7824--which is Jamaica....he says to call collect.A few days later, same voice calls from Winners International and says we have won 1.5 million dollars and to call back 876-898-4060.We are on the do not call list, have an unlisted number and the person they are asking for is my sister, who is not registered at this phone number and never has been.This same voice has called from 3 different cell numbers purporting to be from Publishers Clearing House, MegaMillions lottery, and has given several different names for each.We have turned the ringer off on our phone and have told our families to just leave a message and we will call them back.These people need to be stopped.

Post by disturbed homeowner,

218-537-3977 unknown female called and was talking sexually unwanted crap

Post by Guest,

2185373977 don't pick up

Post by Guest,

218-537-3977 wants my info but will give nothing about themselves. "Handling a legal matter for you" is what she said.

Post by Guest,

2185373977 Young black guy 23 yo

Post by Guest,

218-537-3977 Yes a very weird call that was almost scary.

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