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Recent Comments for 2135504678

Post by Guest,

2135504678 Keep getting calls from this number claiming I need to respond in hours with a claim number - Obviously a fraud - I have received the call repeatedly over the last months -

Post by yeegads,

213-550-4678 These crooks need to be stopped -I am -on donot call registry -they still call,how do I stop them -

Post by Annie,

2135504678 I got a call from "john spencer" from mandatory arbitration stating I owe them money and it was a lie and they keep harassing how do we make it stop? They said their number was --

Post by Guest,

213-550-4678 Voice rec -

Post by Grama,

2135504678 I got a call from this # on my cell -  It was an automated message from John Spencer of Mandatory Arbitration about litigation against me and to call -- with in hours -  Had same message on the th but number came from unknown -  Its a scam -

Post by YepYepscammerbeware,

213-550-4678 Rcvd an auto call from a John Spencer called from number -- but requested I call -- provided some winning lottery number (sarcasm) and I had to call him back in blah blah time yeah well meathead spencer keep waiting for free money because your not getting it through me scammer - I hope they close these bone heads down soon he also called me last week with the same ole crap

Post by Guest,

2135504678 I've been getting the same messages and amount of calls as previous writer "DB" stated in his comment -

Post by steve,

213-550-4678 I also recieved this call, they dont say who they are reaching or a name - same bs as i saw on the post here - best advice is to not call them back at all - they are a bunch of low life scammers - [***] them

Post by gonzalo becerra,

2135504678 Cannot figure out who these people are

Post by steve,

213-550-4678 I also recieved this call, they dont say who they are reaching or a name - same bs as i saw on the post here - best advice is to not call them back at all - they are a bunch of low life scammers - [***] them

Post by Sick of Debt Calls,

2135504678 I received a call from the same number threatening legal action for debts that I do not owe - I also received calls from other ,  and numbers I would suspect all the same company different offices -  I wish these people would stop calling me -

Post by MizRoyal,

213-550-4678 I also received several calls from these folks and even when opting to speak with representative no one comes on the phone - It is obviously a scam -  They got my attention speaking about some pending litigation

Post by LuvRugby,

2135504678 Received call several calls about possible pending litigation and to call within hours - They include a case number to refer to as well as John Spencer's name - I have them now on call block thanks to reading these messages - I have noticed that they continue to call even though they are blocked - Thanks guys

Post by Guest,

213-550-4678 Voice rec -

Post by Heather,

2135504678 I spoke to my friend who works for a attorney that does legitimate collection - She told me that these people have a horrible reputation and to not give them any bank account info or even answer the call - They also pull  peoples credit especially people trying to clean there credit up like me and try to collect on debt that they dont even own - I have worked hard to pay my debts and some dirt bag company is going to try and get more out of me - I dont think so - Hopefully they will be shut down soon, but another one is always right behind them -

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