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Recent Comments for 2133333221

Post by Guest,

2133333221 harssing caller

Post by Deb,

213-333-3221 Said selling diabetic information, bad background noise and really not an American accent -  Stopped her finally and asked if a sales call as the number they were dialing was on the National Do Not Call and further she was calling a government phone number (in this case a county agency but it is still governmental) -  Will see -

Post by Guest,

2133333221 Offering Cardmember services

Post by Royal,

213-333-3221 I called the number and they said that it wasn't them -  The company was Chase -

Post by Guest,

2133333221 Have been getting a call from this number daily - When I say hello, there is nobody there - I'm assuming they want you to call back (DON'T) because there is a phone scam going on now hoping people will -

Post by SmartConsumer,

213-333-3221 The DNC list is only a joke to scam artists and shady businesses -  Legitimate businesses, however normally obey the DNC laws -  The legitimate businesses realize that obeying laws builds trust with the general public, and  that the cost of doing business is much cheaper, than if they had violated any laws in the first place -  Scammers and shady businesses on the other hand - -  Well you know how that goes - -

Post by mad about it,

2133333221 so, how did it go???

Post by I'm Petty Too,

213-333-3221 So what does "muslim" refer to, if not a person's religion?Maybe Indonesian? Pakistani? Persian? Chechnyan? Somali? Iraqi?I guess muslim is just todays slang for "far-away brown people -"

Post by Betty,

2133333221 They try to push daibetic supplies on me -

Post by grumpygram,

213-333-3221 I have been getting phone calls from phone based out of Los Angeles, CA - No#  () -, they didn't say a word the first dozen calls - Now they are leaving threatening messages for someone, I can't make out the name because of the strong foreign accent - The man claims to be from some legal office, don't where located - This person has left vulgar & profane messages, demanding a return call - But he hasn't gotten a return call from here, nor will they -

Post by Barb Vee,

2133333221 Have been receiving calls from this number for days -  I reject it -  Must be from signing up for some website -

Post by Jules in DFW,

213-333-3221 Here's how I answer telemarketer calls: "Federal Bureau of Investigation - Dallas Office - How can I help you?"Boy, does that flip some people out when they think they're calling the FBII tracked call phone numbers for a month, just for giggles - (hey, I'm retired and bored and sick of the bratty grandkids - -give me a break) Every incoming telemarketer call that I used the FBI spiel on NEVER called back -Probably unethical, pretending to be a government agency, but what the hell? Makes me feel good that I got abunch of these people to stop calling -

Post by GLADYS,

2133333221 NO MSG, HANGUP

Post by Barbara Williams,

213-333-3221 Second time they called me - I checked out the # yesterday and it took me to Altoona,Pa - They hung up on me today and yesterday it was a missed call -

Post by Greg,

2133333221 They've called me times TODAY  This is irritating -

Post by I'm Petty Too,

213-333-3221 So what does "muslim" refer to, if not a person's religion?Maybe Indonesian? Pakistani? Persian? Chechnyan? Somali? Iraqi?I guess muslim is just todays slang for "far-away brown people -"

Post by I'm Petty Too,

2133333221 So what does "muslim" refer to, if not a person's religion?Maybe Indonesian? Pakistani? Persian? Chechnyan? Somali? Iraqi?I guess muslim is just todays slang for "far-away brown people -"

Post by Tony,

213-333-3221 Got calls today - Noise on the line then silence all times - If it keeps up I'm going to forward the number to the AG's fraud annoyance office -

Post by colonel2hats,

2133333221 I am American, but of mexican decent, and I always answer the phone in spanish when it's an unknown number - Usually it works find out what the person wants without revealing anything about me - When telemarketers call it usually frustrates them and they leave me alone - I got a call from this number -- and answered in spanish - They stayed on they line until my third Bueno maybe hoping to get a Hello instead - So if you use this tactic dont ever switch back to english and hopefully they will frustrated and leave you alone -

Post by Guest,

213-333-3221 calls all the time never leaves a message won't stop calling -

Post by Tomdimit,

2133333221 The only way around these annoying calls is to monitor them on your caller id - If you do not have caller id, get one and pay for the service - That way you can screen your calls before you pick them up -

Post by gail saile,

213-333-3221 please stop calling

Post by Ron Goodwyn,

2133333221 These people keep calling for my mother who is yrs old and suffers from dementia - I am here with her now and am sick and tired of them calling five or six times a day -

Post by Guest,

213-333-3221 SR health care

Post by arlene geers,

2133333221 i don't want any cardmember services -do not call me again -

Post by Retired Mike,

213-333-3221 Just got a call from -- -  No one's on the line, but you get a buzzing sound then a disconnect -  If they want to waste there time, it's okay by me -  There will be no sale at this number -



Post by Guest,

213-333-3221 calls frequently daily even after told to stop -

Post by el,

2133333221 how do you block the number? I wish i could get their effing home number -

Post by mememememe,

213-333-3221 Seriously? just hang up - Plain and simple - Not rocket science people -

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