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Recent Comments for 2132351026

Post by Payback,

2132351026 By getting a call blocker -

Post by E in Los Angeles,

213-235-1026 Caller ID says "UNKNOWN -"  Did not leave a message -

Post by Pissed,

2132351026 Don't know you, don't wanna know you, you are calling an unlisted private residence -  I am submitting complaint to Attorney Generals office -

Post by nanb,

213-235-1026 Left no message -  Odd phone number -

Post by shelly,

2132351026 Stop calling

Post by Sara,

213-235-1026 Get a call regularly - no message

Post by Guest,

2132351026 Phone marketers selling stuff

Post by Debbie Manegre,

213-235-1026 This just happened to me -

Post by Sjp from NYC,

2132351026 Same crap here - Can't wait until technology catches up with these [***]

Post by J,

213-235-1026 Very friendly - Said she was from the ASPCA -  Asked for a credit card number -  I doubt it -

Post by Carol   Ct.,

2132351026 They called me tonight -- said I owed an outstanding bill of - from Macy's -  The man said if I send him a money gram for - he could tear up the bill for -  I have never had a Macy's credit card -

Post by Debbie Manegre,

213-235-1026 This just happened to me -

Post by M from Massachusetts,

2132351026 This is a telemarketing fundraising company - they call and repeatedly ask for donations to a Human Rights organization - The calls are such a nuisance I ignore them - They possibly fundraise for other groups causes - I don't know why the Human Rights - or other groups -think hiring a company to harass potential donors would do anything but backfire -

Post by Josh,

213-235-1026 I get those calls too - It's a quick, not even a full ring, then calls back as blocked - These calls come from -- though - No talks or anything when I answer

Post by Guest,

2132351026 It's justnet -org - They are a research and development branch of the department of justice - they target innocent victims - maybe you're next -

Post by rothman,

213-235-1026 get calls a day no message

Post by BIG D,

2132351026 The person wanted my personal info - and credit  info - They are committing fraud -

Post by KB2,

213-235-1026 They called late at night, did not leave a message -  I have no idea who this is -

Post by FayeA,

2132351026 Receive several calls a day in the evening from this number (Telefund Inc -), but do not pick up nor do they leave a voice message - Calling me after : p -m - isn't cutting it and I believe illegal, so I'll do my research, then find out who to report this too - Regardless of if I'm on donor's list, it doesn't mean I want to be called for contributions - Mail Email is perfectly fine - It appears this company changes their phone numbers often which appears deceptive - The company is a privately held, fund-raising company according to their LinkedIn profile, which is not a "call type" option below -

Post by Josh,

213-235-1026 I get those calls too - It's a quick, not even a full ring, then calls back as blocked - These calls come from -- though - No talks or anything when I answer

Post by As,

2132351026 Just recieved a call from a woman from this number claiming to be from the HRC asking for money - She had a brittish accent in the beginning and was switching back and forth to English -

Post by Guest,

213-235-1026 spam caller - calls every night at the same time

Post by Bell,

2132351026 Get a call regularly - no message

Post by bradkansas,

213-235-1026 People, Do not answer calls unless you know who's calling you - Once you connect with them by answering your phone they will call over and over - If you do answer a call which turns out to be one like this one or is trying to sell you something, enter the number in your contacts as "Spam" or whatever - If it's a local area code, it's probably legit - Never answer toll free calls -

Post by Pissed,

2132351026 Someone from -- calls my cell phone at least times a day - I don't know anyone from this area code - I'm not interested in your product and I'm not going to donate money over the phone unless I contacted you - Stop calling me or I will have to taken action on my end Now go f*ck yourself and have a great day

Post by Payback,

213-235-1026 By getting a call blocker -

Post by Guest,

2132351026 telemarketer

Post by BlazBlue,

213-235-1026 Got a call from "Unknown" on Feb - - Don't know who or what they are -

Post by FedUp with tele-thieves,

2132351026 Unrecognized or previously logged caller -  Allowed one chance to leave VM -  None left -  B-L-O-C-K-E-D forever -  Bu-bye

Post by LLE,

213-235-1026 I have gotten two of these calls today -  I have not answered -  I will report them and block the phone number on my end -

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