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Recent Comments for 2125091900

Post by Guest,

2125091900 They keep calling after I tld them to stop - When I mention my lawyer they hang up - Called the number back and I get nothing - sick of them calling

Post by Guest,

212-509-1900 Dont no - -

Post by Joe,

2125091900 They just called me and the caller ID does show "BMW Manhattan" as the caller -

Post by Bob,

212-509-1900 They keep calling and when I told them nobody by that name was at this number they asked my name and when I wouldn't give it they said ok we'll just keep calling and hung up -

Post by No MEANS No,

2125091900 This number keeps calling me on my new cell phone number, asking for the same name, each time i tell them to stop calling and remove my number -  That only makes it worse, because then the same guy calls back up to x in a day   Don't know how to report this, thinking of spending the to change my # Called back and said the number has been corrupted by an unknown entity -  WTF

Post by eddie,

212-509-1900 I started getting this call after I used H&R Blocks preapproval number and had to talk to an arab -

Post by Tired of foolishness,

2125091900 I get a phone call several times a day - These people call everyday from several different numbers - They are scammers - I wish they would leave me alone - The numbers are , () -, () -, () -, () -, () -, () -, () - CA, USA, () -, () - NY, USA - () - - I have blocked every single number on my cell phone - They get mad then try to call me with number blocked - Now they email me too which I keep blocking - I'm gonna change my email account but I refuse to change my cellphone number because they don't win - This should be against the law to harass people everyday -

Post by Guest,

212-509-1900 Nothing

Post by Guest,

2125091900 they got hacked now hacker makes random calls

Post by Jose,

212-509-1900 I been getting calls at am asked for me by full named n then just hangs up

Post by Guest,

2125091900 this number keeps calling very early in the AM, I called it back, but can't get a human on the phone, I push O for the operator, but it just rings, no answer - II'm getting tired of the haressmant - Thay have called alot, I blocked the # but they still call

Post by Guest,

212-509-1900 Called my house on a Saturday morning at :am That's a lot of nerve and when I clued him in to the time he used a vulgar expression and then proceeded to call me a dumb n word I can't even do anything about it - Cannot call the number back, can't make a police report on a hate crime for a number and a person I can't reach or describe

Post by Guest,

2125091900 stop calling me please

Post by cherieshia hayes,

212-509-1900 I want them to stop calling me period

Post by Guest,

2125091900 Claiming to be from some auto loan network - -even called on a holiday :-|

Post by Huff,

212-509-1900 I keep getting this same call from a guy with Indian type accent - When I answer, he asks for the same person everytime and when I tell them they have the wrong number he hangs up calls back a short while later and all through the day -  I called the number back and a recording says that the number has been corrupted by an unknown entity and they are working with the service provider to get it blocked - Thank GOD for this service so we can look up these crazy numbers -

Post by Guest,

2125091900 Called me at : Thanksgiving morning and left no message - Filing report with FTC -

Post by Guest,

212-509-1900 srap

Post by Guest,

2125091900 Car loan

Post by MamaBeaner,

212-509-1900 Received a call with no message from this number at : Thanksgiving morning - When I called back I received a recording basically saying that the number had been hacked and that it was being investigated -

Post by Guest,

2125091900 no exceptions

Post by not a happy person,

212-509-1900 i had a camel  jockey call my husband and tell him i stole , out of his bank acct and he told him i know were u live i reported it to the fbi and the police we will find who u are and u will pay me , for all your hassassment  skum bags

Post by not a happy person,

2125091900 i had a camel  jockey call my husband and tell him i stole , out of his bank acct and he told him i know were u live i reported it to the fbi and the police we will find who u are and u will pay me , for all your hassassment  skum bags

Post by Pam,

212-509-1900 These prople just called and said I had applied for a car loan - -not so They tried to get my personal info from me - - -

Post by Susan,

2125091900 Called me at : in the morning - - I filed a complaint against this number and all of the following numbers:    --    --    --    --    --                    --    --    --    --You can file complaints here:www -fcc -gov complaints

Post by Guest,

212-509-1900 They are bugging me

Post by Wendy,

2125091900 I just had calls with in min - They don t say anything - How can we stop the [***] s?

Post by Rat Bsterd,

212-509-1900 Just tell them It's a scam  you have reported them and for them to look out for drone aircraft    : -)     - LOL they are friggin' relentless no one can seem to stop them -  I'm retired and a former policeman Got lots of notes on these scams have fun with them but give NO INFORMATION -  No company would hire such incompetant workers -

Post by Jay,

2125091900 Did it stop them? They've been calling my house at am

Post by Jay,

212-509-1900 Did it stop them? They've been calling my house at am

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