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Recent Comments for 2124006325

Post by Cuzzin Neufy,

2124006325 Keeps calling doesn't say anything -

Post by Mike,

212-400-6325 They have been calling for over a year - Each time I tell them that they have the wrong number - they say "i'm sorry" and then call back a few weeks later -

Post by James,

2124006325 I got a call from the same number on the same day -  They called about times back-to-back and never left a message -  My phone service picked it up but they just kept say "hello" -

Post by Guest,

212-400-6325 Some idiot with a heavy accent said he was from the FBI and that I was lying about who I was - Yeah psycho, whatever -

Post by Guest,

2124006325 Company calls every hour, every day - I tell them I'm not interested and ask them to please remove my name from their list - I told him I'm on the do not call list - No change, they still keep calling asking to refinance mortgage -

Post by Guest,

212-400-6325 Do not call list this number calls several times a day and after at night

Post by Jholia,

2124006325 Called today - Didn't say anything - I tried to call back and I got nothing

Post by Cassie,

212-400-6325 IMy Answering Machine Picked up, Caller Said Hello, Hello No Message - -

Post by EG,

2124006325 I received a call from -- - Do not know what it is in regards to as they did not leave a message and I do not know who it is or what it is in regards to - I know it is not a debt so, I really hate getting these calls - I tried to find who the number belong to ,but had no success -Thank you for you time and efforts

Post by Steven,

212-400-6325 They have called many times, times a day - I finally answered and they are direct source mortgage - They have called from a different number before and I told them no - When I told them I was on the no call list, he said "I am not sure what that is" - Just tell them to not call again - Mortgage sharks is all they are -

Post by Guest,

2124006325 Calls almost every hour -- no messages - caller id only comes up with phone # and area so no clue company or organization calling -

Post by concerned,

212-400-6325 these people at this number just called me now - The guy even said my name but I denied that was me, I don't like these nosey pushy Solicitors who invade your privacy and call from behind a black curtain asking for you - My house was just sold and he was asking about if I own the house I told him it was sold and he hung up -

Post by Rob,

2124006325 Keeps calling doesn't say anything very annoying; calls at least once a day -   Called back to see what answers but get a message that it cannot connect - ???

Post by Nelsuza,

212-400-6325 This number calls at least once a day -  I am on the do not call list, but they don't care -

Post by Donna R,

2124006325 I want this number to stop call me -  they are not leaving a message and saying nothing when the phone is answered

Post by Guest,

212-400-6325 Very annoying

Post by Michelle,

2124006325 Keeps calling doesn't say anything very annoying

Post by Guest,

212-400-6325 message left by this number was extremely vulgar - A young man cussed and swore for about three min - without ever repeating himself He was speaking to someone else, a friend I suppose - With friends like that, who needs enemies - Glad all of my kids were outside at the time of the call - I still don't know what they were calling about -

Post by Guest,

2124006325 These people are relentless in their harassment calling - They have called me now for several months - They do not accept "no" for an answer - I finally got real nasty with a caller who ID'd himself as "jessie" last night (--) at : pm - I threatened to sue him and his company if he did not remove me from their calling list immediately - Guess what? This morning at : am, I got a call from the SAME number from a woman who ID'd herself as "jordan" - She was representing the SAME company (Direct Source) and trying to sell me the same crap - I AM on the national "DO NOT CALL" registry -

Post by Guest,

212-400-6325 They need to be reported and to stop harassing people

Post by Guest,

2124006325 They keep calling one of our minor child's phone numbers I tried to call it and it has an automated message - They need to stop calling or we will file an investigation with local authorities - Please notify them to not call numbers they do not know We have all of our numbers registered with "Do not call -gov"

Post by Briggitte Lorenzo,

212-400-6325 This number calls every other day, in the morning or in the evening - No one answered, just hear heavy breathing and if the answering machine answers, no message is left - Please have them invesitgated -

Post by Guest,

2124006325 WTF ANNOYING

Post by D,

212-400-6325 Just got a call from this number and it went to the machine and left a message " - - - - - - You damn [***] [***] from the sixes, high sixes" -

Post by Guest,

2124006325 Calls Daily, only ask for someone by first name -

Post by Elvira Green,

212-400-6325 I recieve every Day calls from this numberI want them to stop calling me

Post by William Boyce,

2124006325 Received robo calls on consecutive days, no response when I pick up, no vm, what is the point of this kind of junk-call???

Post by Ray,

212-400-6325 Caller: You have a VA mortgage loan, correct?Me: No -Caller: Then you're on a fixed rate loan, right?Me: No -Caller: Oh, Ok - Sorry to bother you -

Post by Ereena Ayot,

2124006325 I keep getting calls from this # --

Post by BA,

212-400-6325 Number called times today - When my answering machine answers they hang up -

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