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Recent Comments for 2102474165

Post by Annoyed,

2102474165 A few of us consider these calls to be a form of free entertainment -

Post by fjwsa,

210-247-4165 called times, one right after the other, no message -

Post by Sam Crow,

2102474165 Called many times and no one talks so its blocked, problem solved -

Post by madd,


Post by Guest,

2102474165 Received multiple calls back to back starting at pm, they leave no message and I didn't call back - There is a scam going around that when you call back they charge you big - I unplugged the phone - Caller ID says Texas -

Post by Guest,

210-247-4165 recvd multiple calls from this number today - no message - Tried to call back but never connects to a person

Post by Guest,

2102474165 Received several calls, we told them not interested - They keep calling and no message

Post by J. Andrews,

210-247-4165 I'm on the Do Not Call list but this number got mine somehow still and called

Post by mj,

2102474165 Very rude people - Called x within minutes -  I called the number and I asked to be removed from their list and she hung up on me - I called back and got another person that was modestly more polite, but still hung up on me when I began to state I was making a note of this call and would be taking this higher if I get another call -

Post by S. Johnson,

210-247-4165 This company has been calling me for about days -   They call and if you don't answer they call right back, and again and again -   calls the day before yesterday, yesterday, and so far today -  I finally answered -  I am bed ridden and it takes me a major effort to get up to the phone, but since I knew they would keep calling and calling and calling - -I knew I had plenty of time to make the trip - When I answered the phone the lady said her name was Kimberly -  When I asked why she kept calling, she said, "oh I don't keep calling, this is my first call to you -"  I then replied, "they why is my phone ringing off the hook repeatedly until I pick up?"  They said they are Energy Conservation Corporation and it is an "automated dialer" that keeps calling until you pick up -  My question is - -if it is an automated dialer, how was it that YOU called the one time I pick up?"  I finally asked for a supervisor and was put on hold for minutes until I finally hung up -  I have already sued a company for phone harassment, guess I will have to sue this one too -  Geez - -

Post by Megan,

2102474165 This number called times within five minutes and never left a message - I was trying to take a test for my online course, so I picked up the phone and didn't say anything - Some lady says, "hello?" and I hear a busy call center behind her - She hung up when I didn't say anything - It hasn't called back so far, but we shall see -

Post by J. Andrews,

210-247-4165 I'm on the Do Not Call list but this number got mine somehow still and called

Post by J. Andrews,

2102474165 Same exact situation for over an hour - Called me every - minutes

Post by Guest,

210-247-4165 Energy Conservation Scam - Phishing -

Post by Guest,

2102474165 Called twice back to back answered and they hung up

Post by Melanie,

210-247-4165 Called me over times with no msg - just heavy breathing -  Called back and they answered as Energy Conservation Co -  Said they would remove my phone number -  

Post by leo-Z,

2102474165 Its a rd party collection agency - -  As long as its not you just ignore but I called it back and told the agent they had a wrong number -

Post by STEVE,

210-247-4165 CALLED ME TIMES - WTF?

Post by Guest,

2102474165 calls to my cell phone in hours

Post by Charles George,

210-247-4165 Repeated telephone calls - Answered one time - Heard the presentation - Skeptical of the veracity of contents - Continue to receive telephone calls from the same number -

Post by Barbara,

2102474165 Just got calls in a row every minutes, to my cell phone also - Never left a message to call back - And my number is on the Texas and National Do-Not-Call-List  I know I have never done business with Energy Conservation Corp - before -  So how is it that they are getting away with this harassment?

Post by SATX,

210-247-4165 Called time in minutes -  VERY annoying

Post by J. Andrews,

2102474165 Same exact situation for over an hour - Called me every - minutes

Post by amg,

210-247-4165 caller id   TEXASCalled business, ask for specific person, I answered, they are not available -  she stated, thank you , I'll call back later -  Hung up -   SOLICITOR -  other wise would demand a phone back with an number -

Post by Annoyed,

2102474165 A few of us consider these calls to be a form of free entertainment -

Post by Guest,

210-247-4165 calls in hour time period - No message left but once which was just background noise and talking -

Post by Guest,

2102474165 calls in minutes - On dnc list - No message

Post by Guest,

210-247-4165 calls in hrs -, no message

Post by Anonymous and Annoyed,

2102474165 Everyone of you is right - It's the Energy Conservation Company and they're looking to speak to home owners - Just call them back - It took me times to be successful, but don't give up - Just call them back and politely tell them to take your number off of their call list and then threaten to "take action" if they call again - If you are on the National Do Not Call list, or if they call your personal cell phone, report it immediately and try re-submitting your number to the NDNC -

Post by Gary,

210-247-4165 Called about times - I told her I was on do not call - She said was not was a telemarketer - Wrong - National Do Not Call Registry website "Due to the Government shutdown, we are unable to offer this website service at this time - We will resume normal operations when the government is funded -" Loophole?

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