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Recent Comments for 2092338864

Post by john,

2092338864 ita a scam  phishing call -  I want it to stop -

Post by Norma Reed,

209-233-8864 I am getting excessive calls and would like them stopped -When my phone rings they don't even speak

Post by h,

2092338864 caller claimed his name was john smith - from florida

Post by Guest,

209-233-8864 Us auto care

Post by Jon Martinez,

2092338864 I keep receiving calls from this number claiming to be Autocare - I asked to speak to a supervisor, "Tony" came on the line - When I asked for a callback number he hung up - I call back and the line goes to MagicJack -

Post by jeff,

209-233-8864 This nbr has been a pain for some time now, I am not seeing a lot for its agendaother than to be annoying -

Post by Jennifer,

2092338864 I've been dealing with this for years -  They call from all different numbers area codes -  I'm at a loss - -

Post by evin. bacomn,

209-233-8864 Stop calling me

Post by Anne,

2092338864 More calls from this number today, only "Unknown" is showing up on ID instead of "Merced, CA -"   Strange message left with lots of loud foreign accented voices in background -

Post by Clay,

209-233-8864 I have been called by this number as well as a number beginning with and I think they are both teaming up because the woman is on the other end of the number and they transfer to a man who calls from this number -  The idiot says that I have to pay to pull up a "credit repot" yes he says it repot without the R -  Stupid scam obviously -

Post by tlewis,

2092338864 Blocking works on non-residential -  I recently used it and the auto response said it did not take calls from blocked numbers -

Post by annoyed in Midwest,

209-233-8864 Consider getting a call blocking device or phone - You can google them and many are around - or so -If its a cell phone, some already have call blocking, if not, there are free apps on the web that will work for some - You can google this - If you have a smart phone, there is a free app called call control - Iphones appear to have apps also - Another one is called Mr - Number -Report your callers here, not just to the DNC alone:https: www -ftccomplaintassistant -gov #&panel-https: esupport -fcc -gov ccmsforms form -actionhttps: complaints -donotcall -gov complaint complaintcheck -aspx?panelBy State DNC lists:www -donotcallprotection -com do_not_call_chart -shtmlFCC Abandoned Calls Complaint form:www -fcc -gov cgb consumerfacts D-R -pdfemail:  [email&#;protected] * * To file complaints on Foreign company's:eConsumer -gov: Report Your ComplaintE-mail: [email&#;protected] * *

Post by Hadassah,

2092338864 Silence at first, then a guy with a very heavy Indian accent said "Helloooo" - I didn't give him the opportunity to say anything else, so I don't know what he's selling -  I told him our number is in the No Call list for both National and Texas, and if he didn't stop calling, I'd put a consumer complaint with the TX AG -  We'll see if it works, but if it doesn't, I'll use Nonya's method -

Post by R.,

209-233-8864 This number started calling me a few days after I got my own car and my own car insurance - Called me while I was driving (I answered because I now have bluetooth, of course) - The man on the phone (heavy accent as someone else here mentioned) said he was calling from some Auto Care place and because I was such a good driver, he could help lower my car insurance - I asked him again what company he was calling from; he repeated and when I realized I didn't know the company I told him I was driving and couldn't speak to him - He said, "but miss, I'm calling because I can help you lower your car insurance for being such a good driver -" I told him, "Yes, and since I'm such a good driver, I cannot speak to you because I'm driving" He hung up, but I get a call every day from the same number - I hit my ignore button every time - Not sure how they got my number so quickly; the first call came in not days into me having my own car & insurance

Post by Annoyed,

2092338864 These people were driving me nuts -  I get about calls a day from this number and the few times I answer it's someone with a thick middle eastern accent - The first time I politely told them I'm not interest and to take me off the list because I'm on the "DO NOT CALL" list - Then they were calling more and more about times a day I would yell at them to STOP CALLING ME It's super frustrating The only solution I have is if they are calling on your cell phone and have you an android look up apps to block calls - There are several free apps the one I chose was Mr -Number to block calls and it works wonders - I blocked that number and it works like a charm - No more harrassing calls - Thank the Lord

Post by Watts,

209-233-8864 Got a call twice from this number, asked for someone else when I picked up second time when I said I wasn't the person they hung when as I was trying to ask them to remove me from their call list -  When I called back it gave a message that it was a Magic jack number that hadn't been assigned to anyone yet -

Post by nailhead,

2092338864 This "live chat" started about : est -  Damn, it is virtually impossible to talk to a real live person on the phone anymore -Still Waiting for that "senior agent"  It is now : est -  Maybe the senior agent had to be located - and or they are asleep at the switch  That's supposed to be a joke -

Post by kkr,

209-233-8864 This is an unregistered Magic Jack line when i called it back -  Interesting -

Post by I Z,

2092338864 Receive calls but no one answers when pick up call

Post by Craigster,

209-233-8864 The same thing - -there has to be a better way - -it's on land line - -I can't get an app - to stop them - -I heard the best thing is to answer and leave the phone off the hook - -this ties up there line for and then they can't make more calls until it clears - -hopefully, having them take you off - -their list - -they must have auto dial to call so many people so often - -I get about   a day for many weeks now - -

Post by El Olde,

2092338864 An elderly disabled vet with internal bleeding problem keeps getting repeated calls from this number starting in the morning and keep getting closer and closer together even until they are minutes apart - Are they liable for any medical complications they may be causing? Because they don't leave a message or identify themselves it feels threatening -

Post by Anita Gross,

209-233-8864 I am on the no-call list and received numerous calls from --

Post by Sick of It,

2092338864 Just got a call twice from this number -Finally, I just blocked them on my cell phone -If they dont leave a message, they aren't important and I just block them -

Post by Guest,

209-233-8864 This number repeatedly callsy cell phone number and when I answer, nobody is there and the call ends -

Post by Scott,

2092338864 Caller was trying to sell me auto insurance - i asked him to remove my number from his call list and he just kept asking why why why - told him i  was on the no call list and i hung up -

Post by M K Martin,

209-233-8864 They call and do not leave a message--I do not answer any call when I do not recognize the number

Post by Iain,

2092338864 Receive calls per day from this number - How do I stop this

Post by Guest,

209-233-8864 They keep calling me - Magic Jack I guess - I only know this because I called the number back -

Post by Kay,

2092338864 Heavy accent, verified my first name and asked if I still owned one of my previous cars - I cut them off and asked, politely, to be removed from their list as I no longer own that auto - Pretty sure they're just a call center selling random crap, like extended auto warranties and such, with all of the other information - Ugh

Post by Paula,

209-233-8864 Just received a call from this number -  They have called every day, twice a day for weeks -Said he was from AutoCare - -wanted to give me a quote for auto insurance -  I told him I just got new car insurance and was not interested -  He didn't seem to care -  Said they would call back in a couple of days with a quote -  Told him I didn't care what he did but I was not changing and was not interested -   Hung up on him -  Next time he calls, I am going to report him to the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) -

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