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Recent Comments for 2074335416

Post by Vic Gaim,

2074335416 Just received it too, this is yet another "Cold Call" to be entered  into my 'PhoneTray' list to be blocked

Post by Guest,

207-433-5416 annoying

Post by wrong number,

2074335416 Don't call again

Post by Roe,

207-433-5416 I bought a call blocker device and can block up to , numbers as well as area codes - If your carrier's system runs out of room, just check Amazon (which is where I bought mine) and see what may be best for you - Mine was about and well worth the cost -

Post by Pissed off,

2074335416 Short educational post -The DNC list is not a magic switch attached to your phone line, that will block calls -The DNC list can help stop calls originating from legitimate, registered telemarketers -* Your calls were not from legitimate, registered telemarketers -* Therefore, the DNC list cannot stop those calls -                                                   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Still with us?Want to learn more?Keep reading - -The DNC list does not automatically block calls -  Instead, it provides a list of  "do not call" phone numbers to telemarketers who registered their businesses with the FCC, and who pay a fee for the list -  The DNC list administration is supported by these fees -The DNC list exempts political callers, survey organizations,  charities, and companies with preexisting business relationships, as well as debt collectors and certain nonprofit organizations, but these organizations usually have their own, internal Do Not Call list (ask them) -The DNC list is not effective against criminals, spammers and scammers, because those telescum are not registered, do not subscribe to the DNC list, and do not care if you are on or off that list -It can stop calls from legitimate telemarketers, and it does a pretty good job at that -  Just think - - if there were no DNC, you would be receiving incessant calls from BOTH legitimate and spamming telemarketersHere is your reading assignment:www -consumer -ftc -gov articles -national-do-not-call-registryhttps: www -donotcall -gov www -ftc -gov news-events media-resource - - try enforcementwww -ftc -gov news-events press-releases - - lemarketers-paywww -ftc -gov news-events press-releases - - istry-data-bookwww -fcc -gov encyclopedia do-not-call-listRemember, the FCC's Do Not Call site is a good one to report unwanted calls from LEGITIMATE telemarketers -   To report spammers and scammers, visit the FTC site, at https: www -ftccomplaintassistant -gov If you receive calls even after reporting them (and waiting a sufficient time), then you should consider using a call blocker app, device or service as your first line of defense -  Google "call blocker" to see such things at Amazon or other sites -√

Post by Julie J.,

207-433-5416 I just got a call from this number on my cell phone and declined the call -  When I called it back, you can press to have your number removed

Post by Jan,

2074335416 scam

Post by Mac,

207-433-5416 Press to have your phone number removed from their calling list -

Post by Roe,

2074335416 I bought a call blocker device and can block up to , numbers as well as area codes - If your carrier's system runs out of room, just check Amazon (which is where I bought mine) and see what may be best for you - Mine was about and well worth the cost -

Post by Tony,

207-433-5416 Two calls from this number to a place of business in quick succession, pre-recorded robocalls about mortgage aid for homeowners -

Post by Cindy,

2074335416 just got a call from this number and I didn't answer -  I checked this number with notes -com before I called them back and I found that this number has been no longer in use - SCAM   I wonder how they got my cell phone number - So annoyed

Post by Guest,

207-433-5416 SPAM

Post by Buttford,

2074335416 That's not the point Stupid Mike, you dope - It kept one of their lines tied up for hours - Get it? Now crawl back under your trailer and stay there

Post by justin,

207-433-5416 yeah this number called me last week and today, i never answered cause i dont answer numbers i dont know, but yeah when i called back it say ONLY "hi thanks for calling, to be put on do not call list press "total telemarketing phishing fake of a company if you ask me -completely unprofessional to not even leave a company name in the mesg -

Post by Tug Majunkoff,

2074335416 I've tried to be removed from this call list - almost to the point of harassment - hope it stops someday

Post by Guest,

207-433-5416 Loan modifications

Post by Ken,

2074335416 A nuisance robocall from "MTG Reliefv", us a break you f - - - scammers

Post by pjb,

207-433-5416 Would think they would bother you more -  I just don't answer, no message -

Post by Russ,

2074335416 Call Comes up up on the caller ID MTG no message  left -

Post by Guest,

207-433-5416 An annoying message that I received after :pm advising of government sponsored mortgages

Post by Rene,

2074335416 I received a call from this number - No voice mail - It reads "Mtg Relief" - This might be telemarketers -

Post by Guest,

207-433-5416 I answer and then all they do is hang up and I'm on the do not call list so they are violating that

Post by jay,

2074335416 Just what is it the DNC is supposed to do for you?

Post by Yolanda,

207-433-5416 Just call back, press option # to automatically request not to be called again -

Post by Guest,

2074335416 debt free

Post by Keith,

207-433-5416 and they always "forget" to tell you how ,much their "help' is it going to cost you - - - - -

Post by Paul,

2074335416 scam based in nigera

Post by Guest,

207-433-5416 Press to have your phone number removed from their calling list -

Post by Mary,

2074335416 Interesting that I suddenly started getting all sorts of calls today after I purchased some Disney products online -  Is Disney selling their customer list to these anal openings?  Nonetheless, they are wasting their time -  I have a call blocker that blocks numbers -  They are now entered into it -  You'd think they wouldn't want to waste time calling people who have no mortgage about mortgage relief?  A special kind of stupid

Post by Lisa,

207-433-5416 Tried calling them back to get off the list & got a message I have reached a non working #ID says MTG RELIEF --What is the point of a do not call list???  I get calls all day long - - smh

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