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Recent Comments for 2074303627

Post by Guest,

2074303627 calls and don't say anything and does not leave a message and dont like it

Post by Guest,

207-430-3627 Don't answer when I answer the phone - And if I don't answer they don't leave a message - Very annoying

Post by Danielle,

2074303627 they call and call and you cant call the number back, so annoying - - no one answers when you say hello

Post by Guest,

207-430-3627 calls and hangs up

Post by Guest,

2074303627 Calling - times a day - Won't leave a message - I don't recognize the # so I won't answer - Only info I found was it's a version landline -

Post by Laurie,

207-430-3627 calls in one day - no one answers when you say hello - ignore

Post by intolerable,

2074303627 This number has called over ten times - they are trying to sell magazine subscriptions - they are getting personal info from some sort of marketing agency -

Post by Max & kaley,

207-430-3627 These phalluses keep calling us and not saying a damn word - Cowardssss

Post by ladd,

2074303627 Keep calling times a day - Sometimes times

Post by Cheryl Emery,

207-430-3627 Trying to confirm that someone at this number purchased a magazine subscription - When I said I didn't purchase any magazine they quickly said, "have a nice day" and hung up -

Post by donna,

2074303627 this number called my home and would not answer when I said hello and when I tried to call it back got a recording that it would not go through

Post by Guest,

207-430-3627 very annoying this number calls several times a day I cant get them to stop - No idea who it is -

Post by Kaitlyn walker,

2074303627 Keeps calling, I have no idea who it is or what they want - When I call back it says "all cuircuts are busy"

Post by April T,

207-430-3627 Has called my number over times a day For the last several weeks - most days its around five times but on some days its - how do I make this stop

Post by Guest,

2074303627 I've gotten a couple calls every day for the last days, they leave no message and don't answer if I pick up - - really sick of it

Post by Guest,

207-430-3627 Call and did not leave a message -

Post by Guest,


Post by Guest,

207-430-3627 This number keeps calling, if you call back it just states that all circuits are busy - Annoying - -yes - -if you answer there is no one on the other end - They never leave a message - Supposed from the Augusta, Maine Area -

Post by Christine Gratton,

2074303627 Has called a few times, no message, cant seem to call that number back to see who it is -

Post by Guest,

207-430-3627 They are with publishers magazine -

Post by Guest,

2074303627 In the last days this number has called me at least times - -I just tried to call it back and got a recording that all circuits were busy - -

Post by Guest,

207-430-3627 Call all the time cell aND home phone, then don't talk

Post by Guest,

2074303627 they call morning and night - leave no message - won't talk when phone is answered -

Post by Guest,

207-430-3627 This number calls about every other day and is very annoying - no message left and none there if you answer - calls at varying times during the day

Post by Guest,

2074303627 Calling multiple times a day, every few hours - No message -

Post by Guest,

207-430-3627 Called four times wanting to sell magazines - Very annoying and gave me a hard time -

Post by Incessant,

2074303627 Keeps calling yet no person answers - same as other posts, CID is only listing as "Augusta, ME" -  What happened to the "Do Not Call List"?  They call two times a day - sometimes more -

Post by Guest,

207-430-3627 Calls multiple times today, no one there, just hang up - Someone needs to do something about this

Post by Santos,

2074303627 Has called for days several times a day, without leaving message -

Post by Guest,

207-430-3627 Called at AM and didn't leave a message

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