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Recent Comments for 2065250076

Post by guest,

2065250076 John Casterton should quit buying viagra and they would quit calling.

Post by John Casterton,

206-525-0076 This company calls repeatedly, even though we keep asking them to stop - - is the caller -  My number is - -

Post by Guest,

2065250076 US PHARMACY CALLED ME AGAIN-HOOOOORAYYYY If I could reach through the line and punch the CEO in the face, I would - Another number to watch out for -

Post by Guest,

206-525-0076 These people have called repeatedly despite me being on the NO call list and me requesting they stop calling during each call I catch -Everytime they have called attempting to rope me into admitting I or one in my household on some drug they can sell me cheaply - They call from different numbers at all hours of day and night even on Sundays HARASSMENT and breaking the laws -

Post by kim nguyen,

2065250076 i'm a good fan of yoursi love you and i will see you at the jonas brothers

Post by NickG,

206-525-0076 Got a call from josh butchart - - At :pm - Saw the number on the caller id and let it go to voice mail - Will report the call -

Post by Norm,

2065250076 Nothing said at their end, just dead air then a disconnect - Thanks to the entries here, I've put this # on my 'BLOCK' list -

Post by steve,

206-525-0076 I got the same - Nicole Anderson - I said hang on I will get the boss - the I came back on and said :  harro in my Chinese voice - da guy that pay da bill, he no here - what you want? I love telemarketers - I screw with them all day long

Post by marcos,

2065250076 i just got the same phone call from josh butchart but i didn't answer it i just let it ring today on -- at : pm MT

Post by Darlene,

206-525-0076 Just got a call from this number - Called back and the message said this line is temporarily disconnected - I don't know the name of the company -

Post by Guest,

2065250076 has called over times over last year - will not stop calling

Post by Guest,

206-525-0076 Sand niggs hawking Viagra

Post by Phil,

2065250076 Annoying telemarketer - - times a week -  Add to rejects list

Post by Naomi,

206-525-0076 Caller id says Nicole Anderson -  Two days in a row -  They ask for the boss and when I inquire why they are calling, I get hung up on - I called the number back and got the message that says it's been disconnected and is no longer in service -  So annoying and such a waste of time  It is now my mission to block that number

Post by Matt,

2065250076 trying to sell mobile websites for my businessCaller ID shows Nicole Anderson

Post by Guest,

206-525-0076 Joshua K Butchart on my caller ID - Multiple calls a day -

Post by Guest,

2065250076 I hate these annoying calls and it seems no-one can stop them - These people are rude, disrespectful, and will not quit - Can someone with authority listen and act?

Post by Richard,

206-525-0076 No response - Sounded like a computer generated call

Post by Guest,

2065250076 Once again Us pharmacy is calling Why can't I get these a-holes to stop calling me? I have reported them to the do not call list and ftc and they still call So annoying

Post by Guest,

206-525-0076 ask them if they're pecker fell off they get mad at that

Post by Kevin,

2065250076 Called asking for my boss times in this past month alone - Next call I'm acting like I am my boss and telling the telemarketer to [***] off and take us off calling list -

Post by marcos,

206-525-0076 i just got the same phone call from josh butchart but i didn't answer it i just let it ring today on -- at : pm MT

Post by Gelatomaster,

2065250076 Caller ID shows Nicole Anderson - Call was answered by 'Kevin,' who is apparently new at the game - While he was introducing himself, he accessed my website on his cell phone; when he found that we actually have a page enabled for mobiles, he said "never mind" and hung up - BTW: I made my own mobile page for free at a site called Onbile -

Post by Guest,

206-525-0076 I am getting calls from this number to times per day - - Caller ID is Nicole Anderson - No messages are left and when you answer they are there - I am registered on the Do Not Call Registry this is really annoying -

Post by Guest,

2065250076 They claim to be us pharmacy and attempt to get you to admit that you or one in your household takes some popular drug that they say they can sell it to you cheaper - They have even argued with me saying that their records show that someone in my house takes Viagra, which is ridiculous because we are women -They have called my number no less than times since January despite me telling them no I don't take these drugs and one one in my house does, then me telling them to stop calling my number, then me telling them they are harassing me by continually calling despite my repeated requests during every call I catch from them to STOP CALLING - They call at all hours of the day and night and first thing on most Sundays - I have even signed up on the no call list and that has NOT stopped them from calling from this number or their other numbers - I know it's the same people because they identify themselves as US Pharmacy at the beginning of every call - It's gotten to the point where when I answer and they say this is us pharmacy - I interrupt them saying LOOK, I've told you and your people a thousand times to STOP CALLING MY NUMBER, YOU ARE HARASSING ME, they hang up, but call again from a different number sometimes right away sometimes a day later - If I don't answer they call up to six times in ONE DAY - It would be lovely if their right to privacy didn't trump my right to be left alone and not harassed - Oh, I thought that was what signing up on the do not call list was supposed to do - I'd like to sue the pants off of them -

Post by Guest,

206-525-0076 -Viagra or some crap - Dont waste your time just Dont answer or came up with a funny, like hold on he's,in the bathroom terrible diareha, then act like your calling honey phone then make some noises -

Post by Mark,

2065250076 I didn't answer, but I called back and it said the number was no longer in service -

Post by Guest,

206-525-0076 SA

Post by FPMurff,

2065250076 Caller ID  Name Josh Butchart,   Pleasant guy, but still just a sales call - -

Post by Guest,

206-525-0076 Sketchy pharma slingers

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