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Recent Comments for 2064625425

Post by Melissa,

2064625425 We got a call from the alleged IRS, claiming that we owe money and they're filing a lawsuit immediately to call --, my -year-old mother said the IRS will never contact you by phone with a lawsuit - Unfortunately not so many elderly people will be aware of the fact that it's not the IRS and it is a scam, and they may call that number and give their information, so hopefully others will inform of the elderly people in their neighborhoods churches synagogues, mosques etc - of this scam - I'm going to call the news so they can report it on TV as a warning and I know that the public television stations report scams of this kind -

Post by waterdog,

206-462-5425 Kudos to Chris,I offer to bring the cash to them since I am "nearby" and can walk there in a few minutes - -

Post by Javier,

2064625425 I agree - I just got a call from and an automated female voicemail said I was being sued by the irs - When I called back in curiosity it sounded like a Taliban leader answered the phone and hung up on me when I said I was not giving him any personal info - Give me a break Get a life and do something useful with your life you pathetic scab on the [***] of society -

Post by ed,

206-462-5425 I got called today - - - - - - - - - -they used the IRS story on me - - -

Post by Sue,

2064625425 Says the IRS is filing a lawsuit against me -  The initial call comes from - - -

Post by PB,

206-462-5425 Received a voice message indicating this is a final call IRS initiating lawfuit for unpaid taxes, interest fees, etc in the amount of , for tax years , and -  I called this number and adamantly told this Induan accented [***] that I never received anything from IRS regarding same and to stop lying to me -  I told him to send me the written documentation, I told him I would go directly to an IRS office to see what was going on -  The phone was then disconnected -  I tried calling back numerous times to really give it to him but the chicken doesn't answer -

Post by Guest,

2064625425 Said IRS is filing a lawsuit against me - Left message to call --

Post by Patti,

206-462-5425 As has been posted about a million times on notes, the scammers are hard core Indian or Pakistani scammer extortionists -  They are basically criminals -  They spoof local cids and numbers -   They are NOT in the US and there is nothing the US can do about the problem -  Local government do little if anything -  You can protect yourself to an extent with a call blocker -As to you other statement about a national security state, you ought to take off your tin hat before you post here -

Post by Guest,

2064625425 Same as all the previous reports - -IRS Scam

Post by don't tread on me,

206-462-5425 Received a phone call from the above number on my business line with the same threat -

Post by Guest,

2064625425 I received a call from ()- stating that it was the IRS and that they were suing me - I've received calls like this before and have reported the scam - I will be doing that again -

Post by Guest,

206-462-5425 IRS was filling law suit -

Post by Guest,

2064625425 Received a call from -- telling me that it was the IRS and they were filing a lawsuit against me - I was told to call -- right away -

Post by William K.,

206-462-5425 www -irs -gov uac Tax-Scams-Consumer-Alertsnotes -com forum ta-cfbfbfa irs-warns-of-telephone-scamReport the Calls to the real IRS here:•report the incident to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration at -- -•You can also file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission at FTC -gov - Add "IRS Telephone Scam" to the comments in your complaint -******Do consider getting a call blocking device or phone - You can google them and many are around - or so -If its a cell phone, some already have call blocking, if not, there are free apps on the web that will work for some - You can google this - If you have a smart phone, there is a free app called call control - Iphones appear to have apps also - Another one is called Mr - Number -

Post by granville a eberwein,

2064625425 These are criminal extortionists operating in overseas boiler rooms using VOIP to alter their identities and locations and out of the reach of US law enforcement -If someone calls saying he's an IRS agent and demands that you send money immediately, hang up -It's a phone scam -In fact, it tops the IRS "Dirty Dozen" list of tax scams this year, and it's been surging in recent months, the agency said Thursday -The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA), which oversees the IRS, has received reports of , scam calls since October and said nearly , victims have been swindled out of million so far -By altering their caller ID number to make it look like they're calling from an IRS office, these scammers often threaten vulnerable people like the elderly and new immigrants with things like arrest, deportation or the loss of their driver's license if they don't pay immediately for money purportedly owed -Often leaving messages that say it's "urgent" you call them back, the scammers use common names and sometimes say they are from the IRS Criminal Division - They may even claim to know the last four digits of your Social Security number and send follow-up emails that appear to be from the IRS, TIGTA said -They often demand that payments be made by prepaid debit card -Once they make their threats, the scammers have been known to call back and again disguise their caller ID so it appears they are calling from the police department or the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) -Or sometimes when they call, they may say you have a refund due and ask you to provide personal information so you can claim it -The real IRS will usually contact you by regular mail first, if it needs to contact you at all - And the agency never demands immediate payment by phone or asks for credit card or debit numbers if they do call - It also never asks for personal or financial information by email, text or social media -If you get what you suspect is a scam call, report it to TIGTA through its Web site or call -- -money -cnn -com pf taxes irs-tax-scams

Post by Olive Oil,

206-462-5425 Of course it's a scam -  Originates in India and Pakistan -  Call blocker isn't perfect but it can help -

Post by AnnieM,

2064625425 No one is allowing anyone to scam -  The scammers are hard core  Indian and Pakistani scammer extortionists and as such beyond the reach of US law -  They spoof local CIDs and phone numbers -  Call blocker might be of some help to you -

Post by Don't Mess with ME!,

206-462-5425 They've now called me twice threatening that the IRS is filing a lawsuit against me -  I ignored it the first time and didn't call knowing it was fake -  So this time I turned the tables -  I called them all night to fill up their Voice Mail when I was done giving them my cents, I would keep the line connected until I heard that the line was no longer connected -  I did this for at least an hour -  I'm sure they had fun listening to their msgs this morning -I called again several times this morning but I was speaking to the a-hole "Officer David" who had a heavy Indian accent -  I told him they were all going straight to hell and that he better pray to his god because the GOD I worship knows all and there's no hiding this from him -  I told him I'm sure his parents would be very proud knowing what he was doing -  So after several calls of this nature w Officer David they stopped answering their phones completely  HA  Take that [***]

Post by Javier,

2064625425 I agree - I just got a call from and an automated female voicemail said I was being sued by the irs - When I called back in curiosity it sounded like a Taliban leader answered the phone and hung up on me when I said I was not giving him any personal info - Give me a break Get a life and do something useful with your life you pathetic scab on the [***] of society -

Post by Javier,

206-462-5425 Not blaming anyone -  Just notifying the person posting that no one here is scamming them -  The people at fault are the people making these scamming calls in the first place -

Post by juannsoto,

2064625425 I received a call from this # --, I have been getting calls from this number, I would say  at the very least   calls -Please find out who is doing these calls - and tell other people about it -

Post by Olive Oil,

206-462-5425 Of course it's a scam -  Originates in India and Pakistan -  Call blocker isn't perfect but it can help -

Post by Guest,

2064625425 Received call that this was the IRS looking to collect CASH payment for back taxes - Address given was Constitution Avenue in Washington DC but number -- is a cell phone out of the Seattle area - SCAM

Post by William K.,

206-462-5425 What they are attempting to accomplish  is depriving you of your money -  Period -    They say they are IRS and all sort of bad things will soon happen to you -  However, if you send them money by an untraceable means, the whole problem will go away -It most assuredly is  a scam -  Been around for awhile -  Been investigated to death, but since the callers are in India and Pakistan there is nothing anyone at present, can do about it -Protect yourself with a call blocker -

Post by Julie,

2064625425 I got the same telephone call at :PM in Maryland in which the message states "The IRS is filing a lawsuit against you and to call ()-" -  I don't think that this is really the number they are calling from, because my caller ID had their number listed as "unavailable" -  I knew that it was a scam and I called the real Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to report the scammer -  The IRS representative told me to report such fraud calls on form -A that you can get from the IRS -gov website -  I recommend filing that form -A with the IRS to help stop these scammers -

Post by Guest,

206-462-5425 IRS scam

Post by MCD,

2064625425 Total scam -  Originates in either India or Pakistan -See:  www -irs -gov uac Newsroom IRS-Reiterate - - -Telephone-ScamReport them:www -treasury -gov tigta contact_report_scam_ok -shtmlIRS does not file lawsuits -   Court action, if any is handled by the DOJ and all parties are entitled to legal assistance if it is a criminal matter -  But--tax disputes are for the most part civil matters -  % of all IRS tax disputes are settled administratively -  IRS has absolutely no authority to call on local law enforcement for anything - Local law is never involved in IRS tax disputes - IRS has no powers of arrest -    If LE is necessary, US Marshals do the job -  IRS does not cold call anyone and ask for money - IRS does not accept Green card money paks for payment in any case -  No one is prosecuted for ordinary tax disputes - IRS has absolutely no authority over anyone's professional license - Professional licensing is handled by state governments -  Yes, levies on property to satisfy an existing tax obligation do occur, but only after a very long period of negotiation - And yes, liens are placed on individuals but  usually after a lot of negotiation and a failure to reach a settlement -    All determinations of tax liability are subject to appeals -  All  contacts by the IRS are initiated by US mail -

Post by judi robertson,

206-462-5425 I received a call from -- and did not answer it, because I didn't not recognize the number - A computer generated voice left a message stating there was an IRS law suit against me and to call the - number - I did not call it back - How do they get your cell phone number these scammers need to be stopped -

Post by Jacob Yasgur,

2064625425 Folks----The REAL IRS mails letters if there is a problem -www -irs -gov  has a link to this scam -

Post by Olive Oil,

206-462-5425 Of course it's a scam -  Originates in India and Pakistan -  Call blocker isn't perfect but it can help -

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