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Recent Comments for 2049772275

Post by DLorraine,

2049772275 call came in on my cell-- no message left - it's the second time-  Tried to call them back - in the hope that if I say no to whatever they are pushing--  they will stop calling-- No such luck -

Post by aj,

204-977-2275 I got phone call a day from that number for the past days-  I haven't answered and don't intend to-  Call is from Manitoba, Canada,

Post by aj,

2049772275 I got phone call a day from that number for the past days-  I haven't answered and don't intend to-  Call is from Manitoba, Canada,

Post by SL,

204-977-2275 Got the phone call too just now, I knew that it was a scam, so i pretended to be VERY VERY VERY VERY HAPPY so i let her go on to "read" to me the total package and DETAILS of the resort and hotel and bla bla bla bla --   SO WHEN SHE ASKED ME to pay for the "transaction fees " about , i told her that i'm supposed to be a WINNER ??? she said: " yes you're" so i told her that i should have it free if i'm the weener , and i'm not intrested in her scam %*#  SHE WAS very ferous and started to sream , i  TOLD HER THAT SHE JUST WASTED HER TIME ABOUT MIN FOR NOTHING AND I HAVE NOT EVEN LISTENED TO HER AT ALL AS I WAS WATCHING TV :))))))  WAS VERY FUNNY  EVRYONE SHOULD DO THE SAME WITH ALL THE SCAM COMPANIES - LET THEM WORK FOR NOTHING :)  have great day  ;)

Post by Guest,

2049772275 Got a call saying i had won a trip to Disneyland for my entire family, then she wanted my husbands name and our address, when i asked her to tell me exactly what I had won she hung up

Post by Guest,

204-977-2275 We, too, won a trip to disneyworld- No real information- They plugged into our ISP address, and it's being investigated by our ISP now-

Post by Guest,

2049772275 Got a call saying I won an all expense paid trip to disneyworld through something I "supposedly" entered on Yahoo- I told them I don't offer personal information on the internet and told them to shove their scam up their A and hung up- I am on the do not call list and I still get a dozen crap calls a day- GRRRR

Post by Guest,

204-977-2275 same thing happened to me I listened to the whole speal, provided an outdated credit card to them, they pushed and pushed me for a new number- I called my credit card company and they attempted to charge me numerous times- This is a SCAM

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