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Recent Comments for 2035189349

Post by Prograf,

2035189349 I saw that it was a number I did not recognize. I always answer the phone Heh row when they as for me by name I say you got wong nuber then hang up. I love doing this to the telemarketers.

Post by Mary,

203-518-9349 Have received 4 calls within 3 days from this number. Actually picked up twice now and both times was asked for by name. When I asked the rep what this was regarding they kept asking if I was "Ms. Mary" Well considering mine is a common name I said yes. Then they went into a whole big spiel about an extended warranty for my 2011 Hyundai Sonata. This is obviously not just a one manufacturer deal. These morons are trying to get us all. I have told both reps, that I spoke to, that I will be reporting them to the FTC, BBB and that I want them to put me on their do not call list. Guess that won't work if all these other comments are any indication. I think the next time I'm just going to play along, get all the information that I can and then report them to any and all authorities that I can. What they don't realize is that I'm a german/irish woman, with a temper, and have worked for the federal government. Let's see who can get the last laugh. Good luck to everyone else out there, hope these guys get caught just like the last scammers that tried to pretend to be from the IRS!

Post by Cathy,

2035189349 Called number back and got a answering machine to push 1 for information or 2 to be removed from call list. When I pushed 2 I go a buzzing signal that wouldn't stop;almost like a tornado signal I had to turn off my phone to make it stop

Post by Guest,

203-518-9349 Received this call and there was a bit of a delay- I was then asked by the person who could barely speak English, who did not identify themselves to speak with my husband- I then asked who was calling I barely got the words out and they HUNG UP on me I have a right to ask who is calling- This is a scam call-

Post by Annette,

2035189349 Has called twice now-  Makes an electronic sound and hangs up-  I've added this to my auto reject list-

Post by Guest,

203-518-9349 A Scam call from an automate machine caller- Do not respond to it-

Post by BobF,

2035189349 No answer, some clicks, disconnected

Post by CCC,

203-518-9349 Female asked for me by name. I asked for her authorization number. They are not smart enough to cope with that. They always hang up.

Post by Gerri,

2035189349 Returned and machine answered

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