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Recent Comments for 2026210546

Post by fd,

2026210546 Called twice

Post by Ray,

202-621-0546 Same number same recording-  It's would send a letter I can't see them calling--

Post by Guest,

2026210546 Same thing, I got messages saying I'm being sued by the IRS but I didn't call them because I suspected it was a scam- I looked up the number on this site-

Post by Barbara,

202-621-0546 Got the same call this morning- I received two similar calls last year and reported it to sheriff dept- It is a scam-

Post by Gloria,

2026210546 "Filing a lawsuit against you to get more information about this case file- Please call immediately on our department number --- I repeat --- Thank you-"

Post by Guest,

202-621-0546 Left a message saying that the IRS has filed a lawsuit against me This is totally not true because the IRS will send paper documentation before calling you about a lawsuit By the way, I have never ever had a problem with the IRS

Post by H,

2026210546 I got calls today from --   First one went to voicemail, only got a fragment of it, something about a 'case file' which perked my interest-   Answered the next one and I got the same message as everyone else, about being sued by the IRS and to call them-   Of course, I didn't-   Called the IRS first, but got stuck in automated message hell and decided to check online-   Immediately found links saying this is a spoofed phone number that tricks caller ID into thinking it's from somewhere else and that it's IRS related fraud-

Post by Jorge,

202-621-0546 Recording"Filing a lawsuit against you to get more information about this case file- Please call immediately on our department number --- I repeat --- Thank you-"

Post by wildcat,

2026210546 two calls within hours claiming that it was the irs- didn't answer since I did not recognize the number, have heard about these calls and know they are phony calls-

Post by Guest,

202-621-0546 I am being sued by the IRS for - for taxes between -- We could lose everything and go to jail

Post by Asa Buchanon,

2026210546 Electronic text to voice program to left a message claiming they were the Internal Revenue Service and that I owed back taxes- Knowing that the IRS contacts you via mail only and doesn't work nights and holiday weekends, I used a VOIP program to call them back- I called three times each time the call was answered by someone with a heavy Indian accent- The third time I played along for a while to have some fun-I gave Edward Parker (yeah right) my fake information (I-e- the number they called me at and my first name)- He said that their records did not match my returns from and that I owed in back taxes- He used the zip code information I gave him to locate a Walmatprt near me and said that the problem could only be settled in cash (no credit cards or checks- Also, they can't write to me as I'm not at home and their letters get returned and that is why I'm in such hot water)- He asked if I was an a cell phone and I said I was- I was to proceed to Walmart and not mute my phone as they are recording it for evidence- I went to the bathroom, phone in hand to take my morning constitutional- Well, I was getting bored so I said that I got to Walmart sooner than I expected- He said that I was lying to him- I denied it- He insisted- I said that he was lying to me and this was fun- Let's keep doing it- He said "Please do not call again-" Haha- I used auto dial to call him about times before they put my number on call blocking-

Post by Guest,

202-621-0546 Caller says IRS filing a law suit- Suspected SPAM

Post by Guest,

2026210546 So now the IRS leaves messages? What a bunch of BS

Post by Sam,

202-621-0546 Most of these calls are coming out of India and Pakistan- Not much we can do when we do not have jurisdiction in those country's-

Post by Barbee,

2026210546 I'm assuming it's a scam- Think it's would have mailed a letter-

Post by swimman11,

202-621-0546 I received the automated call and responded- I talked to Kevin without last name who told me IRS had lawsuit against me for - I said I will not pay until I see it in writing- He said it could not be delivered because I was not home to sign- He kept asking me how I wanted to handle it and I finally said I will talk to my congressman and hung up- His accent from India was hard to understand- Live in Minnesota

Post by Nik,

2026210546 Got same call today, Sept nd-  When I call back I'm informed that called party cannot be reached on this number as the line is busy-

Post by Sam,

202-621-0546 Most of these calls are coming out of India and Pakistan- Not much we can do when we do not have jurisdiction in those country's-

Post by Guest,

2026210546 IRS lawsuit

Post by Barbee,

202-621-0546 Same Here- Says IRS is suing me- Not true? Scam?

Post by Curley,

2026210546 SCAM - Company officially listed as "Broadview Networks Inc-" not IRS

Post by Guest,

202-621-0546 Caller (a recording) claims that we are being sued by the IRS and to call them back- Busy signal when we called them back- Total nonsense, but we don't need this kind of nuisance-

Post by Flavia,

2026210546 This is a fraud- They were able to take from a friend claiming to be IRS

Post by Guest,

202-621-0546 Left a message about a lawsuit from the IRS-

Post by Guest,

2026210546 Rec'd a call from this number with a message that the IRS has a lawsuit against us- Totally a bologna

Post by Guest,

202-621-0546 The caller ID was --- The voice message said the IRS has filed a lawsuit on me- Call back #--- I did not call the number back as I know this is a scam

Post by Guest,

2026210546 I have received several recorded messages from this phone #- They identify themselves as the IRS and they are suing me- If you are receiving these calls, DO NOT call the number back or the number they leave you- Go to the IRS website (www-irs-gov)- There is a way to report this scam to them, and a lot of info- about phone scams-

Post by Guest,

202-621-0546 Caller ( a recording) said we were being sued by the IRS and needed to call them- We got a busy signal when we called them- Total nonsense, but we don't need this type of nuisance-

Post by Guest,

2026210546 Recording says they are from the IRS and a lawsuit is being filed against you-

Post by Guest,

202-621-0546 Mark This call As A Scam

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