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Post by informed,

2012152017 I personally know this individual. He's ripped me off a lot of money. His real name is Brent Chow (AKA Kato, AKA Wai Kuen). He was operating a trading school in Toronto by the name of Metropolis School of Trading. There are quite a few people who he owes money to. We have set up a website to his name to warn people - This little monster is a sociopath. I have set up a google alert for his phone number and name. This is how I just came across this page.

Post by TM,

201-215-2017 rcvd text with this number as call back indicating that bank card was deactivated

Post by Karen,

2012152017 BIG COSTLY SCAM!  It starts with a phone call.  Caller id reads, nancymc73, phone# 254-616-9976.  The caller identifies themselves as an employee working for windows and proceeds to inform you of a potentially harmful virus your computer has contacted. They then convince the trusting, naïve and computer illiterate victim to logon to their computer and to give them remote access.  As crazy as it sounds, there are many trusting people that do not have enough computer skills to realize this is one big scam.  I use a computer all day long at work and I am pretty educated with the computer system.  On the other hand, my husband (the victim) not so computer savvy was scammed out of $399.00.  Since being laid off from his job last summer he is on our home computer 24-7 trying to find employment and taking phone calls; one of which was the initial call from the scammers that scammed him (us) out of $399. 00.  Fortunately, I was home to intervene and stop any further loss or damage when they called my husband a second time.  I overheard some of the conversation and realized he was about to give the person on the other end of the phone remote access over our computer, that is when I interceded and informed my husband that he is being scammed which is also when I became aware of the previous scam of $399.  I called our ISP (TWC) and informed them of the call.  TWC said they have had other cases and just that day an older gentleman had brought his computer in hoping someone there could fix it after he was scammed out of money and apparently left with a computer that doesn’t work.  These scammers continue to call us non-stop.  Their next scam is offering a refund which of course this refund requires you to logon to your computer and follow their instructions which leads to them needing remoter access. This has been going on since October 2013.

Post by tammy stevens,

201-215-2017 please stop calling this number - I have no interest in what you are selling.  If it is important leave a message and I will get back to you.  Thank you

Post by Guest,

2012152017 Calls but doesn't leave a message.

Post by Tim,

201-215-2017 Keeps calling my cell asking for some women.  Yesterday they used a different number.  This is some collection agency that buys old debts.  Oh, the callers are in India and very difficult to understand.

Post by Dara,

2012152017 calls cell phone

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